Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It’s MELTDOWN time outside…..and on the INSIDE for some people!


Well, here I'm rollin' down another sunny highway,
been in the sun too long.
I'm goin' coconuts but least I'm goin' my way,
I'll prob'bly be here when that sun goes down.

I loved that song when I was growing up; David Lee Roth was the man. The lyrics were classic “Diamond Dave” and boy, do they describe what’s going’ on outside with today’s hellish temperature!

Ok, I probably shouldn’t be bitching about the heat when the rest of the country is worse off than we are, I mean 115 degrees in the Midwest, but this heat is killing me. It’s hit 100 today and that’s coupled with what feels like 300% humidity. Of course I live in Manhattan so it always seems like Dante’s Inferno out here during a heat wave in August. Just oppressive. Though it’s been hotter temperature wise here, I’ve never felt so sticky. The forecast says two more days of this. THANK GOD for central air conditioning!

The wonderful people at Con Ed (I’m kidding!), did not expect they would have to start any rolling blackouts, which are aimed at preventing uncontrolled outages, due to any lack of generating capacity. Those idiots better be on their “A” game for the next 72 hours, because if anything happens like last week when over 25,000 people in Astoria were without power for as long as nine days, this city will go NUTS!


Late summer is always a good time to have a meltdown, first of all, it’s nearly over, the crisp and cool potential of fall is almost here, back to school season is just a few weeks away and it will be sweater weather soon, my freaking’ FAVORITE time of year. But, back to the nightmare heat wave that’s causing me and the other 8 million people crowding New York City to reach our own heat level indexes! It’s actually affecting people all over the country; I guess there is something to this whole global warming business. People all over are feeling the heat.

Take Mel Gibson, Hollywood icon, a huge star, he’s one of the biggest celebrities out there.

Well that didn’t stop him from chugging down endless bottles of wine and beer a few nights ago, at the end of his alcohol-fueled evening he was pulled over by cops for speeding. He was reported to have launched into an anti-Semitic tirade asking the arresting officer if he was Jewish and blaming them for starting all wars. He also called a female officer on the scene, “Sugar T--s”, this sounds to me like a man driven insane by the heat…and stupidity.

He apologized on Saturday, saying, "I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable. I am deeply ashamed of everything said."

Ah yes, the “media mea culpa”, something many famous people do once they are found out to be radically different on a private level than they seem on a public level; the curse of celebrity is the constant need to “BE” anything that you think the fans believe you to be, Gibson has up until this point be pretty good at it.

He added he had battled alcoholism "for all of my life" and was taking action to prevent another relapse. His representative said he will be seeking treatment shortly. Here’s hoping they have good air-conditioning at The Betty Ford Clinic!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

too true, too true! would love to hear your comments on the rest of the celebrities who have also been arrested as of late!

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