Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Matchmaker! Matchmaker! Fetch Me A Catch!

Are all men really dogs?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, especially when it comes to the Manhattan dating scene!

I've been known to do nearly anything to find my clients that special somebody, I've jumped out of moving cabs, taken five wine tasting classes in one day (the morning after it felt like a week!) and sat through a mime show on the Lower East Side to meet a potential match...

My newest strategy? Using man’s best friend to help match the successful and sophisticated ladies I represent!

The ever-elusive Manhattan bachelor is hard enough to figure out, so I use everything I can to accurately assess their personality, determine their likes and dislikes and figure out if they are really ready to commit. As crazy as it sounds, I can tell you what type of woman a man wants to settle down with depending on their four-legged best friend.

From German Shepherds to Labs to Chihuahuas, the type of pooch a guy has embraced sheds a certain light on what they are looking for in a life long mate, take a guy I'll call "Gary", I met him as he was heading to the dog run in Washington Square Park. I had just had lunch with a woman I'm helping, let's call her "Janey" and was going over in my head what she had requested for in her ideal man, hmmm, about 6'2", brown hair, blue eyes and a swimmers build. She also said she really loved a man who had a boxer, well guess who fit all of the above? That's right, "Gary"!

I waited until he was settled in, watching his dog have a ball in the run and then went over and introduced myself, now of course at first he thought I was either a) crazy, or b) flirting with him, I'll admit to "a)" gladly! After his intitial shock at my introduction, I continued to tell "Gary" about why I approached him, a few moments later he laughed and said, "You do this for a living?!"

I smiled and said "Yeah, and you are gonna be happy that I do, because I have the perfect gal for you...and your dog!"

Turns out he had been out of a long term relationship for about eight months, they had lived together and he gave her the apartment but took the dog, who's name was Rodney, he simply couldn't live without him! Aha! A man who wasn't afraid of least when it came to Rodney!

Well after I explain to him all about my amazing and available client, he agreed to meet her for coffee, after exchanging our contact information I headed off and called "Janey", nearly yelling into the phone that she wasn't going to believe where I had just met her "Mr. Right, er RUFF"!

Three days after their meeting I hadn't heard any feedback from either of them, so I finally gave "Janey" a call to check in and find out what had happened on the date.

She answered, sounding as if she was in the middle of jogging,"Oh Hello Matt! I'm sorry that I didn't call back, but can I give you a call a little later?...I'm out walking Rodney!"

My reply was simply, "I guess the coffee date went well." I forgot to send Rodney my love!

So while it’s true that some women might think that "all men are dogs", some smart little doggie might just help me find that perfect man for that special lady!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wish the man of my dreams would fall from the sky! There aren't too many quality men out there anymore!

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