Thursday, June 01, 2006

You are never too young for love!!!!

There's hope for all of us!
I just saw the most inspiring thing earlier today, I was heading downtown to a meeting and caught a glimpse of an elderly couple leaving the Time Warner Center, as they exited the building, he gave her a twirl and planted a kiss square on her lips!
They grabbed each other's hands and headed uptown, smiling all the way, wow, what passion they still had, of course I don't know jack about what's going on in their lives, but for that special moment they were like teenage lovebirds.
In my business, what I do every single day, is to try and find people a perfect (or CLOSE to perfect) "someone"...very often it's a daunting, yet exciting task, finding just the right connection for my clients.
Lot's of people come up to me and ask, "Why are you a matchmaker dude?!", or "Whatta you, tryin' to be the real life Hitch?", believe me I ask MYSELF those questions too! It's mostly because I know what it's like to have had, lost and then TRULY found the love of my life, my mistakes were HUGE, but growing up and learning about raw and simple truth inspired me to help others in any way I can, and after seeing that man and woman today it gave me another reason for what I'm doing, the hope that we ALL will have somebody to twirl around with everyday!
Go out there, enjoy the sun and say "Hello" or "Yo!" to a stranger today you find interesting or attractive, who knows what will happen?!


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