Monday, April 10, 2006


For Women:

Men Love With Their Eyes - A man’s emotional response is a result of his physical attraction. Sorry to break it to you ladies, but you always need to look your best, and you can’t get sloppy. Your goal should be to appear the way you did the first time you met. Babies, time and familiarity are not free passes to becoming sloppy; trust me he will find somebody else!!!!!

Identity - Maintain it!!! You were an individual without him, so make sure you are an individual with him. There is nothing on this earth hotter than a woman who makes sure her man knows she would be just fine without him. Women who require time for themselves or "alone time" come across as secure, independent and a little bit mysterious. Simply put: it’s a turn on!

Confidence - There is no other way to be! You must maintain confidence in the way you look, in his feelings towards you, and in all of your actions. A woman, who has an underlying air that she looks great no matter the circumstance, is truly sexy. Look your best always, but then when you are finished beautifying, you are done! Don’t talk about it, complain about it, or dwell on it. P.S. When you decide to get naked with your guy, be naked with confidence. Don’t require the lights to be turned down and don't hide behind bathroom doors, curtains or sheets. Having "naked requirements" tends to make men find imperfections they would have otherwise never discovered.

Selective Indifference - This is a very difficult rule for any women to live by. When difficult circumstances arise (such as guys night out, business trips, legitimate time spent with gorgeous co-workers or ex-girlfriends), you need to act like it does not matter. Don’t expect your man to call or insist he has to check in…worst of all, don’t check in on him. Your reaction should always be, "Did you have a lot of fun? Was the trip productive? How is she? Does she seem to understand the business principles? I fell asleep anyway, what time did you finally call?" These reactions subconsciously tell your man, "I don’t even think in those insecure terms because the thought of you cheating, lying, or neglecting me does not even cross my mind." Trust me, he will end up telling you everything you want to know about the situation if you can pull this off.

Don’t Call Boys - Guess what, your mama was right...good girls don`t call boys. In fact, let’s modify by saying the women men truly want, don`t call boys. In the beginning, let him believe he is an afterthought. While you are getting to know him, don't ignore the rest of your life. You will get back to him when you have a chance. Men don't like women who chase. When you are an item, call him back. Here is a simple calling rule schedule: Give him your number. 1 to 4 weeks only call him back; 4 to 8 weeks only initiate the call when plans change or if there is an emergency; 8 weeks + return his calls, but let him initiate calls a majority of the time.

For Men:

If You Are A Man, Act Like One - No drama, no emotional outbursts, no indecisiveness and no pouting! It is important to exhibit consistent strong matter how long you have been together. Women look to men to listen and show little reaction. Be the rock. When adversity presents itself in your relationship, rage, fear and impatience play no part.

Don't Ever Get Lazy - There are plenty of great looking guys out don't give her an excuse to go looking for another one. Take an active role in planning the time you are going to spend together, surprise her from time to time, always be at the top of your game. Remember are far from the only fish in the sea.

The More Freedom You Give Her, The Less She Will Require - There is nothing more attractive than a man who has no problem with girls night out. She may need this alone time every now and then. She may even need time to hang out with men who are truly her friends. Be cool about all of it, and never, ever call her during these times. Guarantee if you don't...she'll call you!

Be Like No One She Has Ever Met - Embrace her independent spirit, catch her when she falls and always be the person she can turn to without feeling foolish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the blog, love the rules...but I still can't find a guy who knows how to really treat a lady! Help! Where to look in this big city of ours? I live on the Upper East Side...
-Lost in the City

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