Thursday, April 13, 2006


I was walking around the city today and I can't believe it's finally time for Spring! It seems as though it would never get here. I cut through the park only to see people laying out, couples holding hands and beautiful flowers everywhere!
It got me thinking about Spring Fever...and the fact that it's long overdue. So the question many singles in New York City are facing now...where do I go and what do I do to find someone so I don't have to go the Hamptons alone this summer!
Don't worry, I will have plenty of advice from here on out!!!!
1. TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES-not literally, but it's definitely time to shed some of that winter wear, guys LOVE sundresses, open toe sandals, french manicures and ponytails {ps if you went to fashion week you will know what I am talking about!}
2. TAKE YOUR DOG FOR A WALK, OR TWO OR THREE-it sounds old, but props never hurt. Animals lovers can be men or women, so take Fido out for a stroll, I recommend, the Park for sure, Union Square, any dog walk in the city and of course, the Upper East Side {especially if your pooch is a fashion plate}.
3. BE ALONE-there is nothing hotter than a single woman sitting in an outdoor cafe, minding her own business, confident that she has the ability to be alone and doesn't have to be surrounded by 50 of her closest friends every second of the day.
It is less intimidating for a man to approach a lady if you always have a girlfriend on each arm. How many men approached Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte when they were sitting in the Coffee Shop bitching about the opposite sex!
Be confident to be by yourself.
4. SMILE- lose the idea that a snarl or a pouty expression is sexy. It's okay if you are modeling lingerie for Victoria's Secret. But seriously, in all honesty, it actually keeps us away and creates an instantaneous notion that you are one of those high maintenance women we could never make happy.
5. SCENT- It's all chemical! When a women passes me and I smell the essence of her, (a subconscious sexual elegance) and it creates something that cannot even be put into words. Some of my personal favorites: Annick Goutel, Petite Cherie, (sp?), Lolita Lempicka and Clive Christian [I perfer the one in the gold bottle, I believe it's called #1 for women}
6. FINALLY, relax. It's okay. You will meet your soulmate. You won't have to settle. Most relationships that really click are about chemistry and TIMING. Don't underestimate the combination and you will have love that lasts once you find it.