Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peter Cook's Receipe for Disaster

He did it because he could.

Today’s headlines are telling a very familiar story, older man ruins his marriage and life over a much younger girl, an act of betrayal so outrageous yet common place among the rich and powerful. Peter Cook knew what he had to lose and did it anyway, his desire to claim a “sexual trophy” overruling any other concern he might have regarding what it might do to himself or his family.

Men are terminally flawed due to their biology, his sexual desire for this attractive and naïve’ teen took precedence over his matrimonial vows, let’s face it, as a rich, successful older man he was wired to fail the very moment he laid eyes on her in the Southampton toy store.

A powerful and moneyed man like Cook, with a supermodel wife and beautiful and loving family seemed to have it all, that’s the very type of man who falls victim to the belief that his adulterous actions are always above detection.

No matter what there is at stake, many men are willing to take the risk of losing it all for a new and exciting sexual adventure, this again is their terminal flaw.


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