Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to School....

Love Lessons for the Girls, who are heading off the beach and into the dating scene:
by: http://www.mattslittleblackbook.com

Be honest about your needs.

Don’t be reckless, stay away from jumping in TOO FAST!

Remember, revealing too much too soon never works! Keeping a bit of mystery about yourself is VERY important, why give it all away on the first date?!

Giving up your individual identity, not continuing to being the person who attracted the other party in the first place is the quickest path to breakup city! Stay that same amazing person you were the first time you both met.

Love Lessons for the Guys, because it's time to stop hangin’ out with the boys and be a MAN:

The number one mistake a man makes is being indecisive; you’re a man, ACT LIKE ONE!

Embrace who you are and be CONFIDENT!!

Trust yourself, don’t be afraid to make bold moves and stick with them, woman love a man who’s sure of himself!

Build up the courage to ask that pretty gal from Apt. 2B out for coffee, go for it!
BUT, make sure that when you ask her out you have the evening all planned in advance, take the lead and be in control of the date, she’ll thank you for it by saying yes to date number 2!

The return of falling leaves and colder weather should signal a renewal of what you are looking for in a relationship if you’re single and the time to spice things for the committed couple!


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