Monday, December 17, 2007

Matched In Manhattan, Lifetime TV

Manhattan dating coach Matt Titus’s dynamic approach to helping New York City’s many singles find the “one” is more similar to a secret agent on a mission than a clichéd old school matchmaker trolling for men at a crowded singles mixer!

Starting Friday January 4th at 9:30pm (ET/PT), the Lifetime Television Network is going to be giving you an inside look at how this cosmopolitan cupid hits the romantic bull’s-eye with their new reality series, MATCHED IN MANHATTAN.
MATCHED IN MANHATTAN follows Matt, his wife and partner Tamsen Fadal and their associate Eddie Varley as they swing into action finding their clients that most elusive of all treasures, true love.

The good news is that the show’s not just another exploitative entry in the often garish and train wreck filled world of reality dating television. Titus along with the shows executive producers, Mark Efman and Mark Farrell, the talented team behind MarkMark Productions, have made sure that the show’s heart is firmly in the right place. The half hour long MATCHED IN MANHATTAN is full of realistic scenarios involving personalities that are engaging, complex and wonderfully embraceable. Dating isn’t easy, especially in the Big Apple, Titus skillfully solves both the common problems that often plague the modern dater and the less than well known stumbles that keep many a single solo for life! Painful breakups, unhealthy emotional habits and meddling relatives are just some of the romantic dilemmas that will be covered during the shows seven episode run.

Each episode will feature several different storylines, each focusing on real people with real problems, dating and relationship problems that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever went on a great date…or tried to escape from a bad one. Starting January 4th, MATCHED IN MANHATTAN will be showcasing Matt Titus and his inspired cohorts as they navigate the often outrageous world of modern dating, who knows?, maybe they’ll help you find a date too, anything can happen on MATCHED IN MANHATTAN!


Anonymous brenda said...

I am interested in becoming a candidate for the "man of my dreams!" Well, someone I can connect with intellectually and physically. How do I go about signing up fo ryour service?

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your show (the marathon) the other day and loved it! I've seen a few of the matchmaker shows but yours is the best. I felt like you were teaching ME things - for instance, the "OWL" - that's me! I'm on dating sites and have been very fussy, but after seeing that episode - I think about it every time that I judge by the looks. So thank you!!!
Cindy L

1:46 PM  

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