Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What He Says...What He Really Means

As a man who works with women, I get a lot of questions about what men really mean by what they say. I know guys are confusing, but here is a good guide to understanding what they really mean despite what comes out of their mouths! For more on how to understand guys register for my free daily dose of dating and relationship advice at: TEXT IN THE CITY

He says: "We should see other people just so we know we are right for each other."
He means: I think I am interested in someone else, and I don't want you to feel I am being deceitful.

He says: "Are you close to your family?"
He means: Have you talked about me yet? And, are you bringing me home to meet them?

He says: "Let's meet at the bar, I'll be there with friends."
He means: I don't want to give you the wrong idea, this is by no means a date.

He says: "We are separated, but we are still living together due to financial reasons."
He means: I want it all. My family and you.

He says: "I can't see you on the weekends because I like to spend time with my friends, but we can go out during the week."
He means: I have other plans on the weekends, and I am not willing to make you a priority quite yet.

He says: "I would love to be intimate with you, but I don’t want it to ruin our friendship."
He means: The thought of sleeping with you doesn’t interest me, but since I do enjoy hanging out, I am letting you down as gently as possible.

He says: "You have such perfect lips."
He means: I can't wait to kiss them all night long.

He says: "I don’t mind if you go out with the girls. Seriously, have a great time tonight."
He means: I will be going out with the boys, either tonight or in the near future and you won’t be able to say anything about it.

He says: "Guys check you out all the time, I am so lucky to be with you."
He means: Please reassure me that you are not interested in anyone else. I have too much pride to ask.

He says: "I really love our time together."
He means: You are very special to me and I want to keep seeing you.

He says: "Call me after girl’s night out, I want to make sure you get home okay."
He means: I want to make sure you are in lockdown and home alone!

He says: "I meant to call you this weekend, but I lost track of time."
He means: I didn’t lose track of time, I just didn’t feel like it.

He says: "Give me a call sometime."
He means: I am not interested enough to chase you, but you can chase me if you want to.

He says: "I don’t like to cuddle after sleeping with you."
He means: I have no problem sleeping with you, but I am not capable of displaying my emotional feelings at this point.

He says: "I would love to get married, but it’s not the right time with where I am in my life."
He means: It will probably never be the right time, because you’re not the right girl for me. So, I am using this excuse to buy myself more time until I meet someone I truly want to marry.

He says: "I am so unhappy at home. I wish my girlfriend/wife were more like you."
He means: I want to sleep with you, and I don’t want you to feel guilty about it.

He says (on or/ before a first date): "I have never felt this way before. You don’t know how you make me feel, it’s driving me crazy."
He means: I have felt this way before, but I still REALLY want to sleep with you.


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