Sunday, February 18, 2007

10 Ways Men Go About Meeting Women

Now that Valentine's Day is over, plenty of people are asking me, where can I go to meet someone. I have a list of places where women can find men on my website just click on "Where the Boys Are."

But what about the men? Where can they meet quality women? Guys start reading:

1. Take a Cooking or Wine Class- Italian, Japanese and Thai Cooking are among the classes where men feel comfortable and women are also present. Similar interests make for great dinner partners!

2. Lines- It's all in the approach. The Bank, The Dry Cleaner and The Post Office are all great places for men to meet women in an environment they are comfortable and can casually strike up a conversation.

3. Stores- The Women's Department at Leading Home Improvement stores is always popular among women. Find a way to strike up a conversation. You are both there for a reason, just try to figure out what her reason is and offer assistance. Women love Men who are gentlemen.

4. Gourmet Club or Dinner of the Month Club- Share a meal with many, then share a meal for two. This is an easy way to meet women. There are other people there to converse with so the pressure is not focused on the two of you. It's one of the most relaxed environments you can have for both parties.

5. On-Line Communities- Communities for networking and dating are great as long as you are looking for the right reasons and in age appropriate groups.

6. School- PTA Meetings, Bake Sales, The Annual School Play. Many single mothers attend these events because they are usually the one who are involved in their child's school activities.

7. Dance and Language Classes- These are classes where people need partners to practice or study. Men should be aware that many single women love to learn and to take classes. It is important to take classes you would also be interested in, so that you can genuinely share similar interests.

8. Trains and Planes- There is plenty of down time at the airport and on a train. It is the perfect time to drum up a conversation with a woman. Take off the iPod, put down your newspaper and keep your laptop turned off so you don't miss your fellow passengers.

9. Shop 'Til You Drop- Go shopping for your favorite female (mother or sister) and see who else may be doing the same for herself. In this case, don't offer assistance, ask for it.

10. Your Favorite Book Store- Browse through The Home and Gardening Section or Magazine Section, but be sure to make eye contact. Since book stores are usually quiet, the way to meet women here is first through non-verbal contact: a nod, a smile and then a hello.


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