Friday, March 16, 2007

Is It Spring Yet????

I was in Los Angeles last weekend on a business trip, [and of course trying to escape the cold] when I overheard some ladies talking a the table next to me. We were all sitting outside at my favorite breakfast place, Toast, and the tables were so close, I suddenly found myself butting in. Two of the girls were reassuring the third that the Mr. Right Now in her life was "defininitely just playing games," and totally into her. For several years, I have been working with women, and I am often surprised when they are not sure how to read men. I know we can be difficult to understand, but there are times when I think guys [especially the so-called players] are so transparent. I hated to do it, but after hearing the details, I knew the "lady in love" was going to get hurt, and I felt compelled to tell her so. Finally, after hearing that I am a man working with women, she asked what I thought and I told her. Unless someone is a client of Matt's Little Black Book, I am often reluctant to dish out advice they may not want to hear, but in this case,
I hope that little coffee talk saves my new found LA friend from heartache in the near future, and puts the player in his place. A long time after I put together a list of the signs that can help a women see if "he is the one." Just thought I would pass it along. Plus, I am staying in tonight, it's Fridayand quite frankly, it's freezing out. For the rest of you New Yorkers, I am sure you know what I mean!

  1. He understands.
    He always tries to see your side of things. This means that even if he's seen you get upset or cry about something a hundred times before, he still tries to calm you down and makes you feel better.
  2. He tells you.
    Oh those three special words, the words some men have major trouble saying. Well, if he says them often, count yourself lucky. Hearing him say "I love you," and knowing he means every word, is proof that he's one of a kind.
  3. He shows you.
    We all know most men have trouble expressing their feelings with words. So, sometimes they use other forms of expression. Forms of expression include: taking you out for dinner when he thinks you need a break from cooking or understanding that you might need some time to yourself. While you may like to hear those sweet whispers of affection from him, it's a fact that actions speak louder than words.
  4. He listens to you.
    Is he's genuinely interested in what you're saying when you talk to him? Does he give you his undivided attention during your conversations, instead of having the television blaring in the background? It's an important sign, if he shows he's really concerned about your feelings, and especially what you have to say.
  5. He's happy around you.
    Smiles? Laughter? Excited to spend time with you and not his guy friends? Glad just to be with you? If he can't get enough of you, it's a sure sign that he's really attracted and in love.
  6. He compliments you.
    He notices when you change something about your appearance. He appreciates when you take the time to look great. When he looks you up and down admiringly with a little smile and tells you how beautiful you are, you know you matter.
  7. He takes care of you.
    Is he your own personal guardian angel? Does he baby you when you're sick and nurse you back to health? If the answer is 'yes', then it's a pretty sure bet you've got a good thing going.
  8. His friends and family like you.
    You can gauge how a man feels about you from the way his circle of friends and family treat you. If you are held in high regard, and they have embraced you like one of their own, it's a fact he's been telling them how happy he is to have you in his life.
  9. He appreciates you:
    Telling you how proud he is of your achievements or praising you to his family and friends is a wonderful signal. It's a sign he is in deep appreciation of who you are to him.
  10. He asks for your opinion.
    He asks for your advice, considers it and may put it to good use. When important decisions are at stake concerning him, he doesn't just go ahead and decide on his own what he thinks is right.
  11. He's interested in what you want too.
    Let's say you're both watching television and you want to watch Desperate Housewives while he'd like to catch 24. You know how men are when it comes to the remote control! If he lets you watch your show of choice, not in a grudging manner, but because he wants you to be happy, you've got a winner. Give him extra points if he actually sits through it with you!
  12. He makes you feel special.
    Finally, is he the kind of guy who's always trying to keep the romance alive? Bringing you flowers or breakfast in bed are both really wonderful ways to know he cares. If he's always going out of his way to make you feel exceptional hold on tight, the man is a keeper.

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