Friday, March 23, 2007


So yesterday was incredible and today kinda stinks, that's my update. Hah!

Actually last night was a blast, I caught with a few friends I haven't seen in ages, all good guys, maybe a little 'playerish', is that a word? Anyway they all get a kick out of what I do for a living, matchmaker, date coach, the whole deal.

Now they aren't exactly happy that I'm revealing the secrets of the boys club, I'm making it really tough for them to pull one over on the lovely ladies they are trying to date. The funny thing is that even though they understand it's my business to blow their 'game' out of the water, they keep slipping up! One of my buddies, I'll call him, 'Heath', because he's "sweet as a candy-like a heathbar!" That's his line not mine!

Heath tells me a story about how he had his roommate send him a 'rescue text' during a nightmare date he was having. Dating Double Agent that I am I investigated this a little deeper, seems that all of the guys I was with do it! Well I had to find out some of their SOS's to share with you, here goes:

  • “It’s Baxter from the office, we’ve landed the account-get back here!”

This one never fails, it works on two levels, one it labels you as a successful young executive and two, gives you no choice but to have to head back to ‘work’.

  • “Dude, the toilet flooded the bathroom, HELP!”

Have your buddy send this one, once it’s said out loud she’ll be happy to send you on your way-there is no risk of her wanting to tag along and help out!

  • “Fluffy’s missing!!”

That sweet old lady from the down the street’s dog just went AWOL, show the proper concern and go into superhero mode, excuse yourself and swing into ‘action’!

  • “My flight is cancelled, can you come pick me up, and I’m stranded!”

Blame it on the rain, or snow or high winds, whatever you’d like, this is a personal favorite because it allows you to be a really nice guy to a friend in need. It also lets you ‘fly” away from your date in a flash.

  • “Hey sexy-where are you? Last night was great but I NEED YOU NOW”

The goal of this message is to make her the one who wants to leave; it must be handled exactly as directed. Step away to the bathroom but leave the phone and this ‘S.O.S.’ in clear view of your date. She’ll read it, not like it and end the evening in a hurry. Only to be used if you have no interest in seeing her again, it’s a nail in the coffin type text.

Well there you have it ladies, if the guy gets a text, move on to the next! Have a great weekend, stay dry today!


Anonymous Anonymous said... you could be on every date with me! keep it are so complex

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