Monday, October 13, 2008

How a Bad Economy Can Actually Improve Your Romantic Life

Hey Guys..did you ever notice how the $37.00 entree never really improves your chances at getting laid?? The over priced meals, the expensive car and the 5 star hotels only go so far, actually they go far enough to raise the financial bar to a level that starts to kill you, while you get depreciating sex from a expectant and spoiled partner. Now if this isn't diminishing returns, I don't know what is! 
I only speak from experience, when I was a young buck pedaling my bike through the city streets in Philadelphia, the female attention I got at red lights, stop signs and intersections far surpassed the stares or interest I received years later in my overpriced BMW. I also seemed to do much better on $1.50 subways rides than $3500.00 first class airline trips. So why is this the case? Because  I believe the answer is in the "props". When we have less props (luxury cars, travel and dining) we have to rely on creative, imaginative and clever ways to seduce our love interests. Seriously, when I was in college at Temple University I lived above an animal hospital in the ghetto of west Philadelphia. I lived there rent free in exchange for cleaning up after the animals. ( yes that meant shoveling a lot of dog shit) The point here was that because I was a poor college student, that lived in the ghetto above an animal hospital that smelled like a kennel I had a lot working against me. So in order to convince girls to come back to my place I had to be creative, funny and incredibly entertaining. I had to make the trip on the subway into the ghetto adventurous, the walk through the animal hospital on my way to my upstairs apartment, fun despite the smell, filth and cockroaches and finally somehow make the sex incredible while my crazy roommate did everything he could to screw it up for me.. This taught me at an early age that what really binds two people together is each other and NOT their surroundings. What men think of as "seduction" is what women consider "romance".  My job in these hard economic times is to teach men that good old fashioned romance goes a lot further than lazy over priced wining and dining. Which brings me to my point, good old fashion romance can be very cheap. It is more effective because women for some reason, and thank God for this, appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness behind the act of a homemade dinner and a  bottle of $9.00 Yellow Tail much more than the effortless placing of a reservation and a common but expensive meal at Smith and Wolensky. 
So the next time you call to make reservations at place that you really cant afford in attempts to wine her and dine her into bed, you might be just as successful with two turkey hoagies from Subway, a bottle of $10.00 wine, a blanket and sweaters from your draw and a free park at dusk with your sparkling personality and seductive moves.